An intranet project tailor-made for you

An intranet project tailor-made for you

Do you want to equip your business with a new intranet, in line with new ways of working and your staff's expectations?

Inside helps you draw up the specifications for an effective intranet that your teams will value.

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What objectives for your intranet portal?

As with any internal communications tool, it's important to define objectives for your intranet project. Every business has its own specific needs:

  • Internal communications?
  • Teamwork?
  • Innovation?
  • Managing your activity?
  • Sharing your business's resources?
  • Human resource management?
  • etc.

In addition to its robust technical platform, Inside guides you through the bespoke functional development of your intranet project.

Your intranet project in 5 stages


after defining the objectives for your intranet, check any technical constraints with your IT department. Inside's intranet service is based on a PHP MySQL environment and more particularly on Drupal CMS.


we transform your needs into functional specifications - sitemap, specifications, personalized design, etc. At this stage, the intranet project starts to take shape for everyone involved.

3.Developing and creating content

while we develop the intranet portal we've designed together, you centralize all the material and documents that will provide its content.

4.Integration into your computer system

whether the intranet is hosted by us or on your platform, Inside takes charge of bringing it online to ensure a perfect launch.

5.Training and follow-up

our project manager trains you to use the content management system (CMS), enabling you to perform all updates independently. If necessary, we will subsequently help you to analyze the user statistics and make modifications to ensure your new intranet remains a lively and useful tool.

Consultancy agency + new generation technology = an attractive and effective intranet site

To build your intranet, you have a choice between:

  • technical partners: SSII, turnkey intranet solutions, etc 
  • consultancy agencies: creative and methodological, but not so reliable for technical issues (rights and document management, SSO, integration onto your computer system, specific developments, etc)

Inside brings you the best of both worlds: an agency specialized in intranet/extranet portals using scalable open source architecture.

This unique combination is the secret of our success. So let's talk about your intranet project!