Inside intranet for content management

Administration modules (back-office)

To ensure regular updates and easy management of your state-of-the-art intranet, its back-office needs to be as simple and functional as its shop window...

 Content management

Unlike our competitors, we have based our layer of intranet modules on a popular content management tool. Depending on your specific project and technical preferences, we will opt for the latest versions of Drupal. Its administration interface is renowned for its useful functions and simplicity.

 Rights management

Every business has its own structure, which should be reflected in its intranet. The user documents display its key categories - department (« HR », « marketing », etc.), location (« HQ », « production center », etc.) - to which access and publication rights can be assigned as you wish. Within Inside, users are classified as « associates », « contributors » and « administrators ».

 Workflow / forms

These advanced forms can be adapted to many applications: vacation requests, assignment requests, submitting innovative ideas, monthly document registration, etc. They provide you with a means of managing the forms submitted: managers can then be assigned to oversee the status of the requests - « accepted », « assigned », « approved », « archived », etc.


Your staff need to be able to access your intranet as easily as possible. Their user IDs (e-mail / password) are automatically stored on the site, but we can create a bridge to connect them to your computer system. This enables users to log onto the intranet using their Windows password. Installing a LDAP or SSO (no need for a password) connector requires coordination with your technical staff and can be priced on request.


An intranet's performance should be analyzed regularly to better understand user behavior. Inside includes advanced integration of Google Analytics, enabling you to track various criteria: the user populations that log on the most (HQ vs. field, for example), newsletter efficiency, most popular sections, seasonal variations, etc.

We regularly help our clients to analyze their statistics, in order to optimize their intranet over the long term.