Resources intranet modules

Resources modules

Most intranets are intended to share a business's essential information - from corporate details to individual skills bases and document templates. Depending on your internal organization, we will suggest modules to suit you from among the following.

 Document library

This document center is the most standard way of presenting your resources. It presents all the latest updates sorted by category, e.g. « Process », « Marketing », « Graphic standards », etc. Inside offers you an innovation: in this section, you can manage both downloadable documents and text content (such as Wikipedia) 

 Practical information

Too much is better than not enough: you can create as many single pages as you want (as with a classic internet site). Although we recommend as much changing content as possible for an intranet, these static pages are often useful for corporate subjects such as HRM: « internal policy », « staff committee », « corporate history », etc.

 Interactive organization chart

Unlike the directory, the organization chart provides a way of presenting teams hierarchically. Users can find out how the various departments are organized interactively: clicking on a member of staff displays the person they report to.  Check out the demo for this great feature!


FAQs are useful in certain situations. They display a list of key questions in synthetic form, along with their answers in an expanding display. We recommend this approach for dealing with specific themes: « new staff guide », « computer problems and solutions », etc.

 Search engine

In parallel to standard navigation via menus, a global search engine by keyword provides an easy way of finding a specific item among your intranet content, however it is laid out. Inside also offers dedicated search engines for several sections, such as the directory or the resources library.