Inside social intranet

Community modules

Rigid, impenetrable - and unused - intranets are a thing of the past!
The community aspect fosters group dynamics by enabling teams to take part and appropriate their intranet.

Awaken your internal energies!

 Forums / discussions / chat

There are several tools available to manage exchanges: discussion forums, Facebook-type message walls or real-time chat rooms. Staff members can share their suggestions, small ads or discuss projects.


In several sections, you can choose to enable comments. When you publish a news item or event, staff can post a comment at the bottom of the page and receive e-mail alerts if there is a reply.

 Polls / questionnaires

Create your own questionnaires to get your teams' opinions. Multiple choice questions, free fields, votes: different formats are available to recover data most effectively.

You can then display the results in dynamic flow charts that can be exported in Excel format if required.



 Multimedia galleries

An easy way to publish your photo galleries of events, product launches, etc. There's no need to upload your photos one by one! Drag and drop your Zip archive and Inside will take care of creating the gallery, images and thumbnails.

Didn't we have a good time at that Copenhagen seminar!


 Recent activities (RSE)

If you want your staff to log on to your intranet every day, you need to highlight all your new content on the home page: updated documents, new discussion threads, news, comments, likes, etc.

We bring all that together in a single cross-functional module that displays a summary of all your recent intranet activity at a glance.