Your modern and tailored intranet

An intranet tailor-made for you

Do you need to set up an intranet? Whether it’s your global intranet portal or a more specific intranet (including events, collaboration,  document database…), Inside can accompany you from design through to development. With Inside :

  • Invigorate your internal communications
  • Coordinate your teams
  • Share your corporate resources

Effective and user-friendly

Inside is a new way to create a personalized intranet, combining consultancy services with intranet development.

In all our designs, we strive to produce the ideal intranet solution: simple and intuitive ergonomics, standard open-source CMS, adaptable graphic standards, turnkey modules to focus on what makes your business unique…

New generation intranet agency

Inside is the specialized intranet division of the digital agency Maecia.

Our aim is to bring your Intranet to life: putting users in the driving seat and developing dynamic systems that are of genuine use to your teams.

More than 500 000 people use Inside

We created more than 100 intranets and digital workplaces and every single one of them have improved our know-how and offer us a unique perspective on the best tools to power your internal networks


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