Intranet from design through to development

Awaken your internal energies!

An intranet tailor-made for you

Do you need to set up an intranet? Inside can accompany you from design through to development. With Inside:

  • Invigorate your internal communications
  • Coordinate your teams
  • Share your corporate resources

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Effective and user-friendly

Inside is a new way to create a personalized intranet, combining consultancy services with intranet development.

In all our designs, we strive to produce the ideal intranet solution: simple and intuitive ergonomics, standard open-source CMS, adaptable graphic standards, turnkey modules to focus on what makes your business unique... 

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New generation intranet agency

Inside is the specialized intranet division of the digital agency Maecia.

Our aim is to bring your Intranet to life: putting users in the driving seat and developing dynamic systems that are of genuine use to your teams.

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