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Our Intranet solution will help you boost
your internal communication

Implement an effective internal communication tool in your establishment, which will increase the productivity and commitment of your employees.

Le nouveau réflexe de vos équipes !

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The ideal intranet solution

  • An attractive design to seduce and attract your employees on a daily basis
  • A scalable platform to scale at the same rhythm as your business
  • Easy to administrate , click and it’s published!
  • Responsive design to shine both on mobile and desktop
  • Possibility to integrate a custom features just for you

In order to be adopted by your team in the long run Intranet Inside is ultra-customizable and scalable.

meilleure solution intranet

The best of current technology

More than 30 000 hours of functional and technical creation were needed to propose you the best Internal communication tool.

  • Administrate everything in front: no more need for a complex back-office for your daily tasks
  • Headless architecture to easily integrate with your IT systems
  • multicanal notifications to reach your coworkers more efficiently
  • A powerful search engine that will look up into the file itself to provide you with the best results to your research
  • Possibility to set up Single Sign On authentication with google or microsoft to never have to type an extra password
  • Maximal security : Our solution is regularly updated and undergo penetration testing made by us and our customers.

If you choose to host your intranet on premise we will guide you through the set up of your server in order to easily host your intranet.

Discover our modules :

Internal communication

  • News
  • Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Quizz
  • Newsletter
  • Widgets (RSS, Twitter, …)

Enterprise social network

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Media library
  • Anniversary
  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Forum


  • Suggestion box
  • Collaborative groups
  • Agendas partagés
  • Room reservation
  • Formulaires simples
  • Formulaires avec workflow
  • Interfacing Teams


  • Search engine
  • Electronic document management
  • FAQs
  • Tools
  • Favorites
  • Dedicated workspaces
  • Catalogue
  • Maps

Human Resources

  • Directory
  • Newcomers / internal mobility
  • GDPR
  • Job Board
  • Leave Request
  • Organizational charts


  • Content edition
  • Rights management
  • AD/SSO
  • Multilingual
  • Workflow
  • integrate external tools
  • Advanced statistics

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