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The intranet that enhances
your internal communication

Wishing to improve the communication within your organization? Choose to create your new Intranet with Intranet Inside.

Produit Intranet Inside
fonctionnalités intranet pour diffuser les informations et documents

Corporate intranet

Enhance your internal communication

  • Create engaging contents in various formats such as articles, illustrations, videos…
  • Release your communications in a highly targeted and personalized manner
  • Encourage knowledge sharing, exchanges, and internal networking
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your messages by opting for our internal newsletter module
  • Reach your teams with a multilingual and multi-device intranet
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Fonctionnalités portail RH pour une meilleure gestion

HR intranet

Engage and fidelise your employees

  • Give your employees an access to every information and HR resources
  • Reinforce your company’s values in a 100% dedicated space
  • Reinforce your organization’s culture  and enhance your employer brand
  • Foster team loyalty by strengthening cohesion and a sense of belonging
  • Convert your employees into real ambassadors with our Employees Advocacy’s modules
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fonctionnalités digital workplace, centraliser vos documents sur Internet

Digital workplace

Boost the efficiency of your teams

  • Simplify communication and collaboration between the teams… and even more
  • Centralize the information and resources of the company
  • Put your favorite applications in the digital workplace
  • Offer a unique and harmonized user experience in a 100% secure space.
  • Meet your business needs for even greater productivity
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Zoom fonctionnalités Brand center

Brand Center

Care for your brand

  • Centralize all your brand elements such as the logo, typefaces, graphic guidelines…)
  • Make them accessible to your teams and guide them in the use of your assets
  • Keep control and consistency of your brand image codes
  • Emphasize the dimensions around your brand’s experience
  • Quickly support changes and evolutions of your visual lines
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You’ll love creating your intranet
with Intranet Inside

Design Intranet

A trendy design

A trendy design to seduce your teams and make the intranet their first reflex to communicate

expert dedicate to your intranet creation

A team of experts

An expert helps you from the beginning to the end of your project ( design, launch, and manage your intranet).

Innovative intranet with functionnalies

A library of modules

Modules to help you boost your intranet and transform it into a digital workplace

hosting intranet

Safety first

Saas or on premise ? On your premises or ours ? Choose a secure and sovereign intranet

Do like them !
Enhance your internal communication ✨

Bloc démonstration

Frequently asked questions
about Intranet Inside

You are thinking about launching an intranet but you have some questions? We are at your disposal to answer them !

Since our creation we have decided to support our customers throughout their project with a dedicated project manager. In this way, we simplify the whole process as much as possible, whether on functional issues, or on technical implementations in your infrastructure.

Once your intranet is in place you will be completely autonomous on its administration without the need of any technical knowledge.

You will be able to work closely with your project manager in order to customize the home page and have the info you need where you want it.

In addition to this homepage the solution already hosts natively many plugins optimized for your use that you can pick from.

This way you will have a properly customized platform that will fit your needs.

Intranet Inside is totally secure. We work with enterprises in many industries such as Banking, Aircraft, or aeroespacial for which security is a must have.

Intranet Inside guarantee a secure code and hosting of your data. Our software is undergoing pentest regularly. Finally if you have to comply with specific reglementation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions.

If you choose to let us deal with your hostings needs your data will be stored securely in a french datacenter.

Our partner Scaleway is certified with the ISO27001 and ISO50001 guaranteeing you that your data is safe.

If you prefer to host your intranet we will sit down with you and work together to determine the best practices for the backup of your platform and the access rules.

Intranet Inside can easily interface with your HR suites, outlook and other microsoft products such as teams. As long as the tool used provides an API or a webservices to connect to Intranet inside will be able to interface them within the solution.

Our technical teams are also here to evaluate your needs and requests and come up with solutions for you.

The price is determined by your functional and technical scope in addition to the project management needed.

An account executive will be happy to quickly provide you with a quote from your phone brief or your specifications.

For more info you can check out our tarification page.