Make your brand shine
with your teams!

Let's build together a brand center platform to enhance all the elements of your identity.
Brand Ressources - Intranet Inside Solution

The brand center solution to unite your teams around a strong brand

We have had the chance to build the brand centers of major brands with world renown: ArianeGroup, Engie, Louvre Hotels, SNCF, … but also more local brands that are just as attractive 😍 

The strength of our brand center solution: flexibility! 

Your brand elements deserve a container that reflects their image. Thus we will offer a branded and very simple interface to your users: employees, partners, agencies, …

The essential modules for your brand center creation

Share documents? Communicate on your news? Target your employees according to the brand? Our brand center solution allows you to create a brand center that fits your needs .

Choose from 50 modules to meet your communication needs:

  • extensive rights management
  • Documents library
  • News
  • Brand spaces
  • Newsletter
  • Advanced statistics
  • workflows
  • etc

Are you considering setting up a brand center?

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