A Digital Workplace solution

that reflects your business

Accessible from everywhere, and by everyone, your digital workplace reflects the activity of your company and supports the productivity of your teams.
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Your Digital Workplace, the single point of entry for employees

Your Digital Workplace, the single point of entry for employees 

Your future Digital Workplace will be the cornerstone of all the information and tools necessary for the work of employees. 

Open up all the dimensions necessary for this Digital Workplace, from the operational work tools of your employees to innovation, through spaces for living in the company or for discussions and exchanges between employees. 

At home or in the office, on a smartphone or a  computer, your digital workplace is the new reflex for your employees to access or publish information.

The essential modules of our Digital Workplace solution

The essence of a digital workplace is to offer tools and services to its teams: business tools, document management, multi-channel communication, etc.

The Digital Workplace Intranet Inside solution allows you to create your “hub” à la carte, in your image.

Choose from 40 modules to suit your needs:

  • Application launcher 
  • Extensive rights management
  • interfacing with your business tools
  • Media library
  • Forums
  • Forms engine
  • workflow
  • etc

Would you like to see if our digital workplace solution can meet your needs ?

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