F.A.Q. Inside Intranet

In case of further questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Why Inside ?

We specialize in intranet creation: our achievements are intended to foster communication and collaboration within the company.

What is the operating budget ?

We operate in flat fashion project, selon your specifications we believe the board of time, graphic design and development to suit les a quote.

Once your Intranet site operational, your only expenses are accommodation (which can be internalized) and possible corrective maintenance.

How much does an intranet created by Inside cost ?

The budget is calculated according to the complexity of your project and the time of guidance. The main variables are: project management required, the number of features, graphics customization, technical constraints …

Are the customers own their intranet?

Yes, of course.Once their project is completed, our customers have all the sources and their intranet database (based on an Open Source CMS).

Is the administration interface simple ?

We base all our technical offer on a content management system (CMS) Standard: Drupal, known for its simplicity and functionality.
We further wish to go further in the simplification by proposing a ‘front office’ editing function for most common operations. Thus, an administrator can eg directly add or change an actuality in the site, without going through the back-offfice.

I am interested, what is the procedure to move forward on my intranet project ?

That your brief is written or not, contact us. We can show you examples of intranet, the evidence of our skills and lead you on your project.
We can meet in Ile-de-France, or arrange a first appointment by phone with a screen sharing if required.