A new perspective on intranet sites

We don’t believe that the success of an intranet is determined by the quality of its functions or the rate of its user licenses.

The Inside intranet agency is dedicated to putting your staff at the center of your intranet and encouraging them to log on regularly and take part.

Your intranet agency

A business unit of the Maecia digital agency, Inside seeks to stand out and establish itself as a benchmark in intranet creation.
A new generation of intranet agency, we provide our clients with the ultimate in ergonomics combined with robust technical expertise.
We advise. We design. We develop.

Inside in numbers

Paris and Rouen
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Team members
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Based in Paris’ 3rd district, the team is made up of 22 digital specialists with diverse profiles: developers, communications specialists, project managers and web designers, with the ambition to deploy attractive and effective open-source portals.

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