Intranet for internal communication

Information modules

The main goal of intranet projects is often to improve internal communication.
Discover the list of Inside's most popular modules for sending strategic signals to your troops.



The news module is like a simplified blog. Accompany your posts with photos, videos and attachments to spread information: new products, financial results, successful tenders, press review, etc.

You can also enable your staff to leave comments.



Scroll through the year from month to month to discover key events in the life of your business: trade shows, meetings, seminars, product launches, etc.

Users can import data to their personal calendars (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc) and it is also possible to manage a registration list for events if necessary.



Often considered to be the central pillar of an intranet: it brings together every member of staff and their key details - department, function, phone number, etc. Find the right person fast using a dedicated search engine and an intuitive filter system.

If your profile cards contain photos, the address book can be converted into a picture directory with one click, bringing a lively touch to your intranet.


 Google Maps

Is your business organized as a network, in different geographical locations? Google Maps will display your various offices, points of sale, installations, subsidiaries, etc.

Like the directory, this mapping module is equipped with a dedicated search engine and a filter to display only the required locations



Sometimes regarded as a non-strategic Widget for an intranet project, it can nonetheless add a lively touch and build user loyalty.

It's Claire's birthday in the accounts department. Send her a message to brighten up her day!



A basic tool for all successful online communication, Inside's newsletter module has been designed to generate traffic on your intranet as simply as possible.

We define a personalized newsletter module for you that automatically compiles your latest news and sends it to all your staff, as often as you choose.