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Equipe Intranet Inside

Enhancing internal communications

Intranet Inside changes the daily lives of companies and their teams.

Thanks to you, we will continue to improve our innovative solutions, and support our customers to have the most positive impact possible.

All companies with more than 50 employees are potentially interested in our offers (We speak of an “horizontal market”).

And each project can have various dimensions: HR, productivity, loyalty, business development, collaboration, communication, etc.

It is this wide diversity of markets and projects that makes our adventure so exciting!

Vision d'Intranet Inside

An unlimited technical challenge

Since our very beginnings, technological technicality has been at the heart of our DNA.

Founded around a strong engineering culture, our technical solutions use the latest technologies and best practices in terms of security, testing, deployment and above all agility.

For more information on our stack, you can talk to our technical director Thibault.

Equipe projet Intranet Inside

Enriching human experiences

Behind a powerful and innovative intranet solution hides a formidable human team and experts in each of its fields: project management, UX, product owner, development, artistic direction, etc.

The personal and professional development of our employees is essential and for this we have always placed Quality of life at work at the center of our project.

Everything is allowed to promote your development: motivating projects, team solidarity, advanced onboarding, quality work equipment and tools, regular HR points, continuous internal communication, welcoming premises, training, seminars and regular internal events, etc.

Join a company that moves fast… and well.

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