Collaborative intranet

Collaborative intranet modules

Whether in a section of your global portal or on a specific intranet / extranet, collaborative intranet modules represent an extremely useful digital tool that can increase your organization's productivity.

 Discussion groups

The key function for creating a collaborative intranet: these themed groups invite a sub-set of users to form a sort of mini-site. They can include all the modules of an intranet, but within a private area. They are also known as « communities », « collaborative groups », or « project spaces ».

 Suggestions box

A suggestions box enables staff to take part in improving the business by submitting ideas, comments, remarks, etc.  Depending on the context, it may be public (internal challenge, message wall, bright ideas, etc.) or private (form to be sent to the administrators).

 Shared calendars

This module is a handy way of sharing a single calendar for some or all of the users. Everyone can view it and manage time slots. The most frequent applications are reserving meeting rooms, reserving resources (vehicles, video projectors, etc.), organizing management committees, etc.

 To-do list

The to-do list is a highly specific but sometimes useful module. As its name indicates, it provides a way of dynamically managing a list of tasks: creating, modifying, removing, approving, etc. This task list can be specific to a user or project space.

 Time tracker

The Time Tracker is an independent service from Inside aimed at B2B service companies: consultancy agencies, engineering companies, accountants and lawyers partnerships, etc.). Connected to your staff's calendars, this innovative web application delivers real-time calculation of the time spent on projects, profit margins obtained, profitability, monthly turnover, etc.