Administration modules (back-office)

To ensure regular updates and easy management of your state-of-the-art intranet, its back-office needs to be as simple and functional as its shop window…

Open source CMS / Content management

Inside is based on a Drupal 8 intranet base. We have selected this CMS for its popularity and its many features.
Virtually all contents can be modified without a typing a single line of code.

Rights management

Every business has its own structure, which should be reflected in its intranet. The user documents display its key categories – department (« HR », « marketing », etc.), location (« HQ », « production center », etc.) – to which access and publication rights can be assigned as you wish. Within Inside, users are classified as « associates », « contributors » and « administrators ».

Workflow / forms

These advanced forms can be adapted to many applications: vacation requests, assignment requests, submitting innovative ideas, monthly document registration, etc. They provide you with a means of managing the forms submitted: managers can then be assigned to oversee the status of the requests – « accepted », « assigned », « approved », « archived », etc.


Your staff need to be able to access your intranet as easily as possible. Their user IDs (e-mail / password) are automatically stored on the site, but we can create a bridge to connect them to your computer system. This enables users to log onto the intranet using their Windows password. Installing a LDAP or SSO (no need for a password) connector requires coordination with your technical staff and can be priced on request.


Your teams are on several countries? Not a problem! Switch to multilingual mode to open your intranet internationally!

Manage on a case by case basis: each content can be translated (or not) in different languages. 欢迎来到您的内部网 !

Edition front

Editing front office content is Inside’s icing on the cake.

95% of your daily actions on the intranet are accessible in 1 click straight from the concerned page, without going through a back-office of the CMS: creation of a news, drag and drop of a document, creation/modification of a user right…

Take a look at the solution that may well wake up your troops!