Tailor made modules

Simplify the day-to-day operations of your teams by integrating applications that are specific to your activity. Besides increasing the productivity of your organization, this “digital service” approach will boost the use of your intranet.

Vacation request

An implementation of Inside’s Workflow module, this form compiles your staff’s vacation requests and keeps them in a tracking database to be processed by your managers. What’s more, e-mail notifications are sent to the people concerned at each new stage in the process.

Interfa├žages / web services

If your organization uses specialized software (CRM, marketing software, SIRH tools, etc.), it is advisable to connect them to your intranet. In the case of a global intranet portal, the best approach is to define an entry point for all your applications and perhaps to integrate them directly within the structure of the site. To achieve this, Inside can interface via web services (REST / SOAP) or any other method: simple link, iFrame, XML/RSS feed, etc.

Architecture headless

One thing that makes Inside scalable and durable is without a doubt its headless architecture. The intranet user interface is decorrelated from the content manager. This offers more durability for the platform, and many options for interfacing content since everything is API.

Dedicated business pages

Each department of your company can be represented in its own way on the intranet, in a dedicated sub-space.

For example, Human Resources often have the right to a category or page highlighting all their contents: fact sheets, key HR contacts, links to the HRIS…

Catalogues and repositories

If you need to present a product or a project to your colleagues, then the “catalog” feature is for you.

A modern interface for you to present all these references, and you can browse them by scroll, search or by filter in the manner of an e-commerce website.

Tailor made developments

Personalization is the heart of Inside’s approach. By using standard PHP/MySQL technologies, we provide made-to-measure professional functions for our clients. Some recent productions: centralized management of commercial leads, franchised tracking tools, required forms for the health sector, web conference management, e-learning, etc.

Take a look at the solution that may well wake up your troops!